Founded in 2009 in the east of Germany and run in partnership since 2014, our bureau has been operating in France since 2018. In recent years the studio has developed into a collective practice with equal positions. While it was previously closely associated with one name only, from now on the collective becomes visible. This change as well as our history is reflected in the new name: 


Bureau David Voss is now Bureau Est 


Over the years, the bureau has developed an independent practice. In addition to concise design concepts for renowned institutions in the field of art and culture, we stand for direct communication, clear structures and transparent processes. 


With our activities we pursue the goal of creating awareness and sharing knowledge. Actively asking questions and making relevant information visible are ways that lead to insights and enable change. Reflection about ourselves and our actions is a constant component of the working process. The basis of our commitment is a close cooperation with all relevant positions of a project.


With this in mind, we look forward to tackling exciting projects with both existing and new partners.



Ondine Pannet, Lisa Petersen, Sebastian A. Schmitt, Marie Schuster & David Voss


Leipzig/Paris — June 1st, 2020


From left to right: Sebastian A. Schmitt, David Voss, Ondine Pannet, Marie Schuster & Lisa Petersen — Photo by Felix Adler