Strategies of the Invisible
KH Kassel, class for editorial design


In collaboration with

Paula-Marie Kanefendt

We live in a world with a plethora of information, a flood of materials longing for our attention. And we are part of this process by producing data and uploading it to the internet. Willingly or unwillingly we leave traces, personal information which is collected, saved and sold. We are constantly followed by the virtual eye of cameras, and our e-mails are read by companies and secret services. However, we accept it.


This workshop at Class for editorial design was searching for new strategies of withdrawal, to exclude, to hide and to obscure. We were looking for the chance to be invisible in a world were everything seems to be omnipresent. Through a wide range of design and art we tried to shape the indiscernible to unmask even this last object of desire. The unknown.


The goal for the participants of this workshop was to develop a personal focus concerning the topic and transform it artistically into an graphic or interactive art piece.


The participants practiced the process of ideation and learned to present strategies of how transform the imaginary process of creativity into a visible product.