Buchlabor Dortmund
Workshop & Exhibition


In collaboration with

Paula-Marie Kanefendt

If one can not find their way in a city, it’s not a big deal. But to get lost in a city, as you would in a forest, needs training.

– Walter Benjamin –


In the workshop Spacereader we were researching what it means to read a place like a book. What are the pages of a place? What are the words? Or the letters? Is it a science book or a novel? Is it science fiction, a crime book or a directory? Is it possible to work with the given information or do we need to develop a new alphabet or reading system? We invited all the participants to ponder about the given questions and to collect the stories, realizations, pictures, ambiguities of the examined space.


The workshop was scheduled from the 22th to the 24th April 2015 in the Buchlabor of the universitiy of applied science in Dortmund. The outcome of the workshop was part of the exhibition about reading, which took place from the 25th of April to the 7th of June 2015 in the cultural institution Dortmunder U.