Un Festival of Missverständnisse
ESAD Valence Grenoble
Final Exhibition


Concept and realisation:

Paula-Marie Kanefendt

Tim Holland

David Voss



Victor Calame

Jimmy Cintero

Marie Deloffre

Lucie Ducrey

Élodie Fleuridas

Pauline Gorge

Romain Guillo

Hasna Lahmini

Claire Ménager

Simon Mercier

Julie Moreau

Pauline Palayer

David Pons

Alexandre De Sousa

Margot Stevens

During winter 2018/2019, we were invited by the ESAD-Valence to run a project during the first semester of the master’s programm in design. Together with the artist and art mediator Paula Kanefendt and the poet and editor Tim Holland, we decided to work with the students about the subject of misunderstandings.


A broad associative approach to the topic was provided by a reader by us to help the students preparing the semester. The reader outlined possible potentials of the leitmotiv from different perspectives and was the starting point for the discussion. During the semester, this multi-sides material was concretized through collective ans individual research on self-selected aspects. Based on the reader as a starting point, an independant publication ran by the students on the subject of misunderstandings was created in the end of the semester, in the form of a compendium and an exhibition. Both gathers the analog and digital results of the various research and design process.