We are Jennifer
Burg Giebichenstein


Societies seem to be floating at the moment. Insecurity is spreading everywhere and the questions are: Can we even be one community – and if so, how? Our society is looking for a new us. In this sense, collectives, groups and communities are currently the focus of interest.


This workshop named We are Jennifer explored questions about the visual expressions of groupings and how they could be conveyed by means of graphics and typography. To what extent can originality in the form of individuality favor or prevent a delimitation or inclusion process? The aim of the workshop was to train students awareness and perceptions and to provide them with ideas and concretization strategies.


At beginning of workshop students got the assignment to select a common first name. Afterwards the task was to look for five to eight portraits of persons, who bear this name. Now real task for the workshop was assigned. The portraits, which were united only by their first name should act as a group. The first name became the group name. Workshop participants now had to form a community by using typography and design.


The workshop took place from 7 to 11 May 2018 at the Burg Giebichenstein – Academy of Art and Design, Halle/Saale. The participants came from the fields of communication design, industrial design, multimedia/virtual reality, interior design and fashion.