Three Days
of Self-Invention
FH Bielefeld


In collaboration with

Paula-Marie Kanefendt

Where from? Where to? Why?


The focus of this workshop was the question of the individual curriculum vitae or life course: What were/are significant influences/ happenings/ decisions shaping our future, and the perception of the own actions? Furthermore, we researched the  relationship of reality and fiction concerning the display of the personal life as e.g. expressed in an curriculum vitae.


Within these three days it was the student’s goal to develop the personal mindset and present it in an artistic outcome. Significant for this class was the close interdigitation of content reflection on a personal and an aesthetic level. The working process was divided into two parts: First the students approached the topic by reflecting and defining words such security, personal belonging, social standards or career. The definition of the given words emerged into the determination of a personal position, as well as setting the focal point of interest which form the basis for the creative process.


In the second part of the workshop the students transformed the outcome of the theoretical research in a creative and open way to produce design-practical art pieces. Here, they found strategies for critical self-reflection through artistic and design methods. The choice of the suitable artistic forms and mediums- from poster to performance- developed out of the theoretical focus which was set ahead by the students.


The three days Workshop was held at the university of applied science Bielefeld, Department for Design, in 2012.