Public Sculpture
FH Bielefeld


Olympia 2008 in Peking, Barak Obama, the television tower in Berlin – three very different positions with one similarity: they are landmarks of the public sphere. The oeuvre of the designer creates pertinence in community. Through his work the designer communicates information and creates an image of the topic. But how can you give a claim a shape?


This issue will be reviewed and examinated on the basis of the term public sculpture. The Workshop was held from June to July 2010 in the University of applied science Bielefeld with students from the faculty of design. How can we reflect  our work in a critical manner while working as a designer? This was the Question of the symposium. By researching pictures concerning the term public sculpture the participants tried to find a personal approach and definition for it. The collective outcome included material from the architectural, the political, the sportive, the economical and the celebrity sphere.


The students expressed their position visually using the collected material. It was a process of grating the artistic content thought design. After creating a graphic foundation, they searched for texts and quotes supporting the visual work. Hence the students worked on several levels, containing graphics, pictures and text. The result of the class was presented on an advertising pillar, in the centre of Bielefeld.